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Passionate about dance since childhood, Ted began formal training in 1996 focused on ballroom dance. Since then he’s tried and loved all sorts of dance, from tango to hiphop, salsa to bhangra. Ted catalyzes dance floors wherever he goes and is a master at freestyle improv dance connections with others, finding an energized vibe with any type of dancer. His experience teaching has spanned students of all ages and backgrounds and enjoys nothing better than inspiring people to joyfully express themselves through dance.

Ted Ko, Founder, Catalyst, Dance Labs

Ted Ko

Chinarut Ruangchotvit, Founder, Architect, Designer, Dance Labs

Chinarut Ruangchotvit

Chinarut is an engineer who has an absolute love for connecting people.  He is acting director of Dance Labs, a community whose mission is for everyone to experience the freedom, love, and joy of dance.  What makes him happy is seeing that twinkle in your eye when you discover how dance opens your creativity and you begin exploring life like you never have before!

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