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Being a dancer in life is a subtle blend of you, your partners, and your community.

Dance Like Everyone’s Your Friend is a 1-hour follow up. This workshop takes the freedom you have in your self-expression and extends it to exploring new ways to connect with others using dance. What many people discover is dance mimics how we interact with people in our everyday lives and what you walk out with is a brand new way to build friendships and make community building fun!

Dance Chalat is the basis of our community service program born in Thailand based on our research at Dance Labs.
Chalat ("ฉลาด") means smart in Thai




Dance Like Nobody’s Watching is a 1-hour workshop designed to get you in your body and eliminate the barriers that often stop you from being yourself. Through a series of exercises, you explore new ways to play with expression and develop a new sense of connection with others. Once you put yourself out there, you walk away with dance as a fun new tool to explore your life with freedom!

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